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About Us

The Heaven Sent Jewels Family

Our company Heaven Sent Jewels is a small jewelry company based out of the small town Bessemer City, North Carolina. It’s not a massive company, but all of our jewelry has been handmade since the company’s beginning about 15 years ago.

We’re Betty and Tessy – mother and daughter respectively – and we put our hearts and souls into this company. We spend our time making sure our customers are satisfied and truly happy with the products we make especially for them. We’ve recently begun trying to expand our company through social media and now this blog. We hope to give you lots of valuable content and show you some of the behind-the-scenes insight to our success as a small business.

Meet the Team

Betty is the owner of Heaven Sent Jewels. She enjoys crafting all different types of jewelry and eventually turned it into this company so she could be a stay at home mom. 


One day in 2009, while driving down the road with Tessy and her other daughter Lisha, she tossed around some names for her budding company and eventually came up with Heaven Sent Jewels. She said the company and its growing success was Heaven sent. 


Since then, she's grown her little company from just in-person sales to online ones as well. And she mainly focuses on using this company to capture the most precious memories of her customers.

Tessy is the business manager of Heaven Sent Jewels. From the time she was old enough to help out with the business, she was on board. Helping this company succeed has been important to her for a very long time and she loves it. 


She's always been a crafter at heart. And paired with her accounting degree and business experience, managing this business has become a dream career. She gets to incorporate every creative passion she's ever had into it and she truly thinks it's a gift. 


Since joining forces with her mom, she's begun designing some of the jewelry pieces that are sold daily to Heaven Sent Jewels' loyal customer base. She too loves putting a smile on their faces when they see their favorite memories in a piece of their handmade jewelry.

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